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A bit the brains behind the pouf, the muse behind the movement

From a challenging upbringing and self-harm to being a teenage published author, broadcast journalist, and college instructor, Jacqueline Shaulis leveraged her successes, failures, quirks, and proficiencies to become an international speaker, bestselling author, and advisor to hundreds. 

Jacqueline guides her co-creators with “energy, enthusiasm, and flair” to embrace their AWESOME to get seen, heard, and respected at work, home, and beyond. 

Through practical strategies, entertaining stories, and a dash of woo, she gives audiences the tools and confidence to create a life in word, thought, and deed that makes their hearts rejoice and causes a ripple effect of positive change in their world.  

Whether a group of at-risk teens or Fortune 100 executives, Jacquline strives to imbue her work with empathy, energy, empowerment, engagement, and excellence to get people thinking, talking, and taking action that shifts their world for the better. Jacqueline brings fresh, unique perspective gained from her background as an award-winning performer, past newspaper columnist, broadcast journalist, and college instructor (all by voting age!).  

She is the Founder and Chief Empress of Awesome Enterprises LLC and can be found on social media at @JKShaulis.  

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Address: Some coffee shop in New York City, NY

Phone: (575) SHA-ULIS 

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